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Get Fierce in 14 days with these tips from fitness magazine. These tips from Tony Horton show you how to uses intense workouts to tone those muscles and get that fabulous fierce body in two weeks.


Fierce and Fab in 14 Days Workout

-Hey, Tony Horton here, the creator of P90X, P90X2, and 10-Minute Trainer. I’ve taken moves from all three workouts and created an exclusive workout just for you, Fitness Magazine readers. Enjoy. It is time for swimmer’s pushups. Now, Emily is gonna be the top of this pushup. All right, she’s gonna do that pushup. Nice. Swim with the right arm, lift the left leg. Just like that, having pushups. Nice. Lift the leg, swim, push up. Nice. Keep your core nice and tight. Make sure you take your time. Slow is better than fast. Just like that. If you can do a minute, awesome. If not, try 15 reps. Good job. Here is a great soccer drill. Great cardio move. It’s called Toe Tap 360. Watch Emily go all the way around counterclockwise. Just like that. Bring the foot over the ball. Fantastic. [unk] all the way 360, thus the title, back again. There you go. She did twice. You’re gonna do 1 full minute. This one is called Fifer scissors twist. If you like shaping your belly and working your core, this is the most likely. It goes up with the left hand, turn right foot and the arms out. You’re gonna do a little isometric hold and switch for two. Holding, holding, switch to three, holding four. It’s that hold that makes the difference. Don’t go fast. Make them pretty. Just like that. Emily is only gonna do a couple. You’re gonna do 30. Thank you. All right, it’s called screamer lunge. This is a great way to work the thighs and the butt. Get on down there Emily. She’s in a low runner’s stance. See the 90-degree angle to both legs. Perfect. Bring up that right leg in the air and land then again. She’ll do five. I like you to do 30 on each side. How about that? Left and right. Nice job. It is time for the squatting shoulder shaper. Emily is gonna get to squat. Feet about [unk] that shoulder. Nice and low, butt down. Already feeling it in her quads. Excellent. The ball is gonna go straight up, straight out, holding for a moment, and back into the chest. Nice. That’s the demo. You’re gonna do one minute’s worth. Nice job. -Perfect. -Just like that. All right, it’s time for punch sprawls. You’re gonna love this one. Punching and sprawling. Emily is showing you what to do. Ready? All right, punch and sprawl and up. Punch, punch, sprawl and up. This is a great move. Why? Because it works everything. You’ve got punching. You’ve got the sprawling. Heart rate goes to the roof. She’s only gonna do five. I want you to do 30 seconds on each side. Nice job Emily. Punch it and sprawl. This is called row your boat. It is an awesome core and balance move that you need both in life, so let me show you what you’re gonna do here. Emily is gonna find her balance point. Feet are off the ground. From here, first, she’s gonna extend the arms. Now, when the hands come into the armpit, the legs go up just like that, and one and two. Chest and eyes up. Perfect. She’s only gonna do a few here. You’re gonna do about three. You’ve gotta move all day long. It is time for one-legged squat reach. Emily is gonna put all of her weight on her left leg. Now, she’s gonna work on balance while only working on the butt and glut of this left leg. This ankle stays near the right, reaching up and touching outside part of that left leg. Just like that. She is gonna do five. I want you to do 30 seconds on the left and 30 seconds on the right. Nice. Chest and eyes up. Nice balance. This foot is not drifting. Right there. Keep in front of my hand. Perfect. There you go.

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